Mission Statement

The purpose of this journal is to raise a declaration of war against the intellectual foundations of the liberal structures which govern the world. Liberalism is a pestilent belief system and it must be rejected wholesale.

We reject the economic, ethical, and political theories that developed from liberalism, and we contend that the resultant traditions that have plagued the world have been the calling cards of Power. Equality, human rights, free trade and all other pestilent anti-authority theories are fictions and nonsense promoted by Power to destroy its enemies, which is wherein lies the true value of liberalism.

We also reject the claim that technological and scientific advances made over the past half millennium owe anything to modern reason or Enlightenment. We do not care for the propaganda of the flag carriers of liberal modernity.

The core principles of this journal, which will not be breached, are the rejection of imperium in imperio, rejection of anarchistic anthropology, and the rejection of the notion that the state could be neutral. Constitutionalism, republicanism, and the social contract are absurdities and we will not entertain them.

To this end, the journal will offer a space to develop theory in line with neoabsolutism, and we welcome submissions.

The 20th Century is dead, help us to bury it.